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SKU: 140592-140745


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (Available in 7 shades)

Apply a generous amount to clean, towel-dried hair. Divide the hair into sections and distribute the product evenly using a wide tooth comb. Let it act for 5 to 7 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Note: Tinted Masks add temporary color designed to gradually fade over time. The lighter the hair, the greater the intensity and duration of the hue. Color and longevity results also depend on the porosity of the hair. The Hibiscus and Aquamarine colors are the most intense and can last longer than the other shades.


    Tone range For light blonde to medium blonde hair:

    • Champagne: warm blond, golden

    • Platinum: cold polar blonde

    • Hibiscus: bright shades, of floral pink

    • Aquamarine: cold, bluish tones

    • Rose Gold: soft pink and golden tones

    For light brown to dark brown hair:

    • Bordeaux: deep reddish brown

    • Cocoa: medium brown

    Double benefit mask that combines care with color. Moroccanoil Tinted Mask deposits pure pigments while offering the treatment benefits of a deeply conditioning mask. Available in 7 select shades for hair from light blonde to dark brown, this collection of nourishing temporary tinted masks is designed to enhance tones, refresh existing color, or allow you to experiment with trendy hues, while restoring hair to health. The result: beautiful hair with temporary color, without the compromise of permanent color, that looks and feels healthy. Watch out

    • Benefits of a rich treatment

    • Immediately increases smoothness

    • Restores the integrity of the hair

    • Offers radiant shine


    • Enhance the tone

    • Refreshes existing coloration

    • Customize the coloring

    • Temporary results

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