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Bed Head for men Clean Up Daily Shampoo 250ml

Bed Head for men Clean Up Daily Shampoo 250ml

The  Clean Up Shampoo  of the line  Bed Head for Men  from  TIGI , is enriched with extracts of saw palmetto, sunflower seeds, lemongrass and menthol. It is ideal for keeping hair hydrated and leaving the scalp feeling fresh thanks to menthol. It works perfectly as an everyday shanpoo, effectively removing product build-up.  

Lather, massage into the scalp and rinse. Afterwards, it is recommended to apply the Clean Up Mint Conditioner. 

For  TIGI ,  taking care of your hair is not just a job, it is a method of expressing yourself and an opportunity to exploit creativity. It was founded by the award-winning and iconic hairdresser Anthony Mascolo with the aim of offering high-quality products that contribute to comprehensive hair care, while also helping to enhance your personality and enjoy your own lifestyle. 

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